Deranged Elegance
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Deranged Elegance


What happens when beauty turns deranged? Through three male bodies and potent techno beats, the vulnerability and fragility of dance meets the unpolished and rough.

Deranged Elegance premiered 15 November 2008 in Copenhagen at Dansescenen i København. The performance was sponsored by the Danish Arts Council Committee for the Performing Arts and Toyota-Fonden.


Created by:


Choreography: Lars Dahl Pedersen
Dance: Kang Ma, Pietro La Loggia, Reidar Sjøset
Sound Design: Anders Jørgensen inspired by Autechre
Lighting Design: Anja Myung Hansen
Costume Design: Maria Gyllenhoff
Photo: Freddy Tornberg and Pernille Koldbech Fich