What we do but don’t know / Med kroppen på opdagelse
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What we do but don’t know

Med kroppen på opdagelse

The performance What we do but don’t knowMed kroppen på opdagelse proposes a choreographic game where we investigate the space through movement, words, body and sound. With a pair of wireless headphones each individual participant will be guided throughout the performance. The participants will visit three different stations in the space: A space of physical interaction. A space of observation. A space of writing and reflection. The three stations activate several layers of senses and ways of relating to each other in the space. The participants’ choices and wishes are defining the outcome of each performance. It is a shared space between the dancers and the participants.


‘The artists have created a concept where they are able to develop and understand their own artistic practice, with each other and at the same time with the children and youth, through layers of choreographic rules, dance scores and sound landscape in wireless headphones’



We are proposing a performative space that is defined by the choices and actions made by the participants. We pinpoint what it means to create, explore and be aware in the actual space we sharing together, and it is changeable. Relationally, it asks questions, when we react as a group or individual and how we respond through movements. What happens when we insist on cultivating a process, the unpredictability and the change within a finished performance? Will we ever know?



The Performance Lab is a hybrid between a performance and workshop. We share our dance practice in a performative structure where the audience are participating and receiving instruction based on decisions made in real time. We involve the audience in our method, by engaging them in what we call the choreographic game.


We use silent disco headphones, which means that the performance is silent from outside and only the participants/audience have access to the tracks.


Duration: 90 min

Number of participants: 15-50

CO-production: Dansehallerne


More information about the Danish touring programme KORA